How to get started with DAOMaker social mining (Step by Step Guide)

Earning crypto while learning together and help to build a bigger decentralized network with DAOMaker social mining could change the crypto world forever in a positive wave. Of course, it will also change financial life especially if you’re living home due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

How to get started with DAOMaker social mining

What is DAOMaker?

DAO Maker is a service that provides all necessary solutions to blockchain-based startups to make stand out the project. By far they are best at creating strategies for tokenized products and its branding as well as business development, and growth. They are utilizing the “Social Mining” power to make a better outcome while they are not being directly involved.

What is Social Mining?

Social mining is an incentive program for quality content creators in any digital form like sharing tweets, writing articles, creating videos, or anything that may help tokenization. This process introduced and monitored by DAOMaker. Users can earn their shares of crypto by actively participating and adding values to the platform.

How to get started with Social Mining on DAOMaker?

If you feel like you are ready to join the platform and start earning right away, follow the step by step guide to making the process smooth. I’ll walk-throw with you on making it worthy of your time and effort. One last thing before we begin, I’ll appreciate if you use my link to register because the platform has a referral system where I can earn an additional reward without harming your earning. Later you also can refer your friends to earn bonuses.

Step 1.1
Visit this link (refer link) or use this direct link (without refer) to create your account.


Step 1.2
Now you should see a login page, you can either log in with your Twitter account or create an account using email. We will use creating an account with an email address. Click on it.


Step 1.3
In the next window, fill-up the form with your desired username (you can change it later), email address, and password. Make sure your password is strong enough, I suggest using a minimum of 12 characters with an alphanumeric and special character. here is an example of a strong password: AlPn5u9$#hHk7D
Make sure you tick all the check-marks.


Step 1.4
Then, click on “Sign UP” after passing the bot check. (Recaptcha)

Step 1.5
The platform will send you a confirmation email with an activation link. Click it to activate your account.

Get started with DAOMaker social mining second step

Now you have registered on the DAO Maker social mining platform and ready to start working with it. You still have a few things to do in settings, don’t worry we will make this even easier for you. Let’s start.

Step 2.1
You need to login to the platform. Visit this link and put your email address, password in the correct field. If you want to keep your account logged in every time you visit on the same browser, just put a check-mark in the “Keep me signed in” box (I prefer doing this). Then pass the bot check and click on Sign In.


Step 2.2
Upon first time log-in, you’ll see a pop-up window that asks to complete onboarding survey, which is recommended to do right away but you can skip and always do this later. the survey is to know your skills and how you going to use the platform. Check the “Yes” option and click on “Next”.


Step 2.3
On the next page, you need to answer a couple of questions. Make sure you understand it and answer wisely. It will give you advantages on the platform like doing more tasks, achieving a user role, etc. Once you answer all the onboarding questions, submit it. It may take a few days to approve, but don’t worry you are good to start working right away.

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Step 2.4
Now, its time to configure your profile. Click on your profile icon on the top right corner and then click on “profile” from the drop-down menu.


Step 2.5
Connect your ETH wallet address using MetaMask. If you don’t have it already, get it here. Simply use the connect button and authenticate it. This will be your payout account.

Step 2.6
Complete your basic profile information including username, real name (optional), country, timezone, short bio, profile picture. :) Scroll down and click on update.


Step 2.7
Connect your social accounts to the platform dashboard. To add Twitter simply click the connect button and approve the authentication window. Same way, you can connect the Reddit account.

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Step 2.8
Connect your telegram. First, join the DAO Maker telegram group. Then start the bot to verify it’s you.

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Get started with DAOMaker social mining third step

Now your social mining profile is ready to collect DAO points and climb up in the ranking for better incentives. Let’s move on some work to show you how you can earn DAO points. There is an official exclusive guide on how to properly use Twitter to get most out of social mining, I recommend you to read it thoroughly and follow it.

Step 3.1
Follow the official DAOmaker on twitter. You’ll get DAO points for RT their tweets. You should add your insightful comments and relevant hashtags. The point value depends on your tweet activity potential reach and value to the community.

Step 3.2
Let’s do some community-oriented task for fixed points. Click on the “Tasks” menu from the left sidebar.

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Step 3.3
Find your suitable task and enter into that to know details and submit proof. Carefully read the instruction and complete the task as it is.

Image for post
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Step 3.4
To submit proof of task, click on the Submit button on the right side of your screen, then provide the necessary information including a suitable title. Then click on the submit button at the bottom. Done.

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Image for post
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Step 3.5
Create anything that you think adds value to not only the DAOMaker but to the whole blockchain community. For example, you can create a video or an article or maybe a great tweet. Make sure you are not shilling a random project just to make your personal gain, that’s strictly prohibited.
Once you are done, submit your work to the community.

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Click on the “Submit Activity” button from the left side menu and then fill up the information details and submit it. Your task will be reviewed soon.

Now you know all the basics that might lead you to a better future along with others, your primary focus should be adding potential value and avoid spamming. You should aim to climb up in the global ranking.

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DAO Maker Referral Program

You can earn additional points by referring your friends and family while they’ll earn too. To get your unique referral link click on the “Referral” button from the left bottom bar.


You can earn 10% or give 5% to your friend and you take 5% from it. Simple toggle the button to change the share percentage.

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You are all set to boost community resources.

Wrapping up

Hopefully, this guide helps you a bit. You can always discuss relevant things in the official telegram group. In-case you need help, better ask to our anyone in the chat, I hope your issues will be resolved ASAP. And one more thing, the DAO Maker community platform is open for everyone. So, get your friends to grandpa to the community. Much love for you and best wishes to your performance.

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