ChangeNOW: The Best Way To Trade Crypto To Crypto Instantly Without KYC (No Registration Required)

Cryptocurrency exchanging or swapping is one of the key components in the industry and some real big services allow trading easily and its demand growing massively. But, there is a catch, the most trading platform requires KYC, this means the user privacy is gone. But wait, there are a few platforms that allowed trading/swapping without KYC even without registration. ChangeNOW is top of them and by far it has established a very well reputation with a massive userbase. I'll walk through you the process of how to do a cryptocurrency swap without registration on ChangeNOW, keep reading.

Before I start, I want to show you (briefly) some other alternative options that you got to exchange your crypto without registration

Exchanges That Swap Crypto To Crypto Instantly

  • ChangeNOW (The best one in all terms)
  • Changelly (Doubt their reputation when trade large amount. source)
  • ChangeHero (takes a little longer than usual)
  • SimpleSwap (Never tried)
  • FixedFloat (Good one, I use it for converting Lightning Bitcoin. You can trade as low as $1)


ChangeNOW Primary Features and Advantages

Here are some of the key features of the winning exchange, I'm sure there are more than I can remember right now.

  • Registration not required
  • Does not control user's assets
  • Picks the best rates
  • No upper limits
  • No hidden fees
  • No country restrictions
  • Supports visa and Mastercard
  • Supports in wallet exchange for most wallets like Atomic, Gurada, Ledger, CakeWallet, and so on.
  • Attractive affiliate program

Begin With ChangeNOW

ChangeNOW is the ultimate winner in terms of security, trust, volume, ease of use, best rates, and a wide range of supported coins. So let's start using ChangeNOW and respect your privacy. ChangeNOW aims to bridge the gap between people and crypto trading platform by providing easy, instant crypto swap service that doesn't require registration. It's a non-custodial service and you'll have a seamless experience once use it.


Registration Free Cryptocurrency Swaps

I'm about to begin this tutorial, and I'll show you every possible thing step-by-step. The process is quite simple and user-friendly. Even your granny will do it after reading this article, so let's get started.

Step 1. Visit ChangeNOW

Go to ChangeNOW official website, you can use my affiliate link so that I can earn a small commission without losing you any single dime.


Step 2. Choose The Currency

Select which currency you want to swap, and choose which currency you want to take. In my case, I'll swap DigiByte $DGB to Zilliqa $ZIL. this means I'll send DGB and get ZIL.



Step 3. Putting Value

Put the amount of coin you want to swap (currently the minimum is $2 equivalent), it will show you how much you will get in the next box. Here I'm sending 120 $DGB.
Click on the "Exchange" button.



Step 4. Recipient Wallet

In the next window, it will show you the swap details and ask for the recipient's wallet. Put your receiving wallet where you will get your coins. make sure to use a wallet like Guarda, Atomic, Trust, or any non-custodial wallet. Never use an exchange wallet.


Then click on the "Next" button (Green)


Step 5. Confirm Details

In the next window, it will ask you to confirm the details, one last time check them all, and click on the "confirm" button to proceed.



Step 6. Sending funds

In the next window, ChangeNOW will show up an address and QR code where you need to send coins. Send the exact amount you put earlier.




Step 7. Receiving funds

Once you send, ChangeNOW will exchange the coin at the best rate and send back to your desired coins. No further action needed. Sometimes it can take a few minutes depending on which coin you are using because it requires blockchain confirmation.


Once completed, ChangeNOW will show you the confirmation including all details. Here in my case, I got more than what was expected at the starting time.

All done.
That was super simple, isn't it? And I was right, anyone can do it.


Wrapping Up

ChangeNOW is not only a crypto swap service, you can also buy crypto using Visa or Mastercard. It has its native "NOW" token which is quite beneficial for partners and affiliates. I believe more use-case will come soon as the demand grows. It has partnerships with some of the industry leaders including Binance, Ledger, Trezor, Guarda, Atomic, and so on. I believe ChangeNOW has just started, and it will bring many useful things to crypto users. So, ChangeNOW is recommended to everyone who wants a simple solution to convert one crypto to another.

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